We're proud of our Blue Wave swim team. They continued their thrilling season by winning their third trophy in three weeks this season on February 12, 2012 at the Mid-America League (MAL) East City Championship. The team took third place out of eight teams and received the Most Improved Team trophy at the tournament.

The Blue Wave also won the Most Improved Team trophy on January 29 at the NLU Last Chance Meet and took second place in overall points the following weekend, February 5, at the Tom and Becky YMCA Invitational.

Under the direction of first-year head coach Ben Westberg, assistant coaches Dan Jones, Amy Ringle and Chip Glidden, the Blue Wave’s individual success at the MAL East City Championship included 24 first place finishes, 12 second place finishes and 11 third place finishes in individual events. The relay teams included five first place finishes, three second place finishes and two third place finishes.

Other teams in attendance included the KC Blazers Swim Team, Team Dolphins, Tsunami Swim Team, Warrensburg Swim Team, Kansas City Swim Academy, Grand River YMCA Gators and Club North.

The Blue Wave is a USA and YMCA competitive swim team, which allows for a broader range of competition in both USA and YMCA swim events. The team meets at the Vivion Road Family YMCA in Kansas City, North.

Here are the Blue Wave’s results from the MAL East City Championship:


The following placed in the top eight based on individual total points in their age groups.

8 and under girls: 3rd Noelle Defabio

8 and under boys: 6th Eli Stammler

10 and under girls: 1st Melissa Hagan, 3rd Whitney Johnson, 6th Mollie Dillingham, 8th Zoe Loftin

10 and under boys: 8th Kellen Danielson

11 and 12 girls: 1st Ellaina Sanders, 3rd Kirsten Aken, 4th Courtney Meyers

11 and 12 boys: 1st Danny Jones, 3rd Ben Milburn, 5th Jacob Boyd

13 and 14 girls: 1st Allison Garrett


8 and under girls

1st in medley: Amber Bracken, Chloe Meyers, Noelle Defabio and Emma Webb.

2nd in free: Amber Bracken, Emma Webb, Noelle Defabio and Arielle Janssens.

8 and under boys

3rd in medley, 3rd in free: Eli Stammler, Clell Burtis, Keegan Carter and J.D. Roberts.

10 and under girls

1st in medley, 1st in free: Melissa Hagan, Zoe Loftin, Mollie Dillingham and Whitney Johnson.

11 and 12 girls

1st in medley: Ellaina Sanders, Kirsten Aken, Courtney Myers and Emma Bermond.

1st in free: Kirsten Aken, Courtney Myers, Ty Foxworthy and Ellaina Sanders

11 and 12 boys

2nd in medley, 2nd in free: Jacob Boyd, Dane Bringus, Danny Jones and Ben Milburn


8 and under girls

Noelle DeFabio: 1st 25 free and 1st 25 fly.

8 and under boys

Eli Stammler: 3rd 25 fly.

10 and under girls

Melissa Hagan: 1st 200 IM, 1st 100 free, 1st 50 back, 1st 50 free, 1st 200 free, 1st 100 IM and 2nd 50 fly.

Whitney Johnson: 1st 50 fly, 2nd 50 free, 3rd 200 free and 3rd 50 breast.

MollieDillingham: 3rd 50 fly.

Zoe Loftin: 2nd 50 breast.

11 and 12 girls

Ellaina Sanders: 1st 200 IM, 1st 100 free, 1st 100 back, 1st 200 free, 1st 100 IM and 2nd 50 free.

Kirsten Aken: 1st in 50 free, 2nd 100 breast and 3rd in 100 free.

Courtney Myers: 1st 100 breast and 2nd in 100 IM.

11 and 12 boys

Danny Jones: 1st 200 IM, 1st 100 fly, 1st 100 free, 1st 200 free, 1st 100 breast, 2nd 100 IM and 3rd 50 free.

Ben Milburn: 1st 100 back, 2nd 100 free, 2nd 50 free, 3rd 200 IM and 3rd 100 IM.

Jacob Boyd: 2nd 100 fly.

Dane Bringus: 2nd 100 breast.

13 and 14 girls

Allison Garrett: 1st 100 breast, 1st 200 IM, 1st 50 free, 3rd 100 free, 3rd 100 back, 3rd 100 fly and 3rd 200 free.

Open boys

Mark Lehr: 3rd 500 free.

Ian Morgan: 2nd 200 breast.

For more information about the Blue Wave Swim Team, visit www.KCBlueWave.com.


Four Blue Wave Swim Team members placed first in their age group at the MAL East City Championship based on total individual points. They are, from left to right, Ellaina Sanders (11 and 12 year-old girls champion), Danny Jones (11 and 12 year-old boys champion), first-year head coach Ben Westberg, Melissa Hagan (9 and 10 year-old girls champion). Not pictured is Allison Garrett (13 and 14 year-old girls champion).